Sunday, August 31, 2003


Today was a lazy day, due to that wierd coincidence that one is exhausted after coming home from a relaxing vacation! Mom, dad and I went for a picnic at one of our favorite old houses/parks not far from here and it was lovely, except for whatever it was that bit my leg. At first, I thought a bee had stung me, but there was no stinger... and it was on my leg for longer than a quick prick. (however, all I know is that it was black - maybe a wasp bit me???) It hurt like a MOTHER! There were people nearby us, enjoying nature, who all promptly left when they heard me screaming (actual quote) "AHHHHH! SOMETHING BIT ME!! AHHHH! IT HURTS!!!!" (Yes, I have a low pain tolerance, but this hurt!) Strange thing is, hours later, it still twinges.......

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Back to Reality????

Why am I home again? The trip was amazing... beautiful weather, beautiful beautiful Bermuda, great food, lots to do, shopping, beaches, mountain biking (on the island, not the ship!). Celebrity Cruise Line is really a good one - the people are incredible, they make you feel right at home. We even got an invitation to eat with the Cheif Engineer! (very cool, I must tell you!) and were also invited to a formal tea. I'll miss the pampering and vacationy-goddess feeling... dare I think about the fact that I have to WORK on Tuesday? Oh, the inconvience!!!!! I should just call work and tell them I am moving to Bermuda!!!!!

Friday, August 22, 2003

Bon Voyage!

By tomorrow at this time, I will be eating dinner on top of the ocean! :) Packing is almost done and I am terribly excited. Buh-bye normalcy! Hello, fabulous! Miss you!

Some people are too smart!

I am learning so much about html and all that it takes through this site. I was proud of myself to be able to put a link to the crazy-head picture, but it ended up being pink print on a pink background... and no one could see it! The computer guru saw that and tried to teach me (over IM, no less) how to fix it. I tried... but failed! So he came in and saved the day. Thanks! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Boxtops and Labels For Education

Because I'm so concerned about the workplace, I collect the General Mills Boxtops and the Campbell's Labels for Education. I'm such a crazy about it that I've got everyone involved - my parents, my dear friends... and today I get a photo from Peter's phone about one that he collected off of some Milano cookies. (I collected several from the Wood's this weekend, terrorizing several boxes of cereal and cake mixes for the small cutouts) How nice to have people who remember things like that for you! :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Two more days!!

Two more days, two more days, tra la laaaa, tra la laaa.... Bermuda, here I come! I absolutely can't wait until I get to see the ocean off the deck (I can't say "out the window" because I won't have one!) and sink my toes into pink sand! :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Stuckeyville spotting!!

While driving home from the supermarket tonight, I passed Ed's house - and they were there! Lights and trucks and people - didn't see Ed or Carol or anyone, but that doesn't matter. I practically stopped the car dead in the road (don't think the guy behind me liked it much!). Wish I could have gone to visit! Hurrah!!

Monday, August 18, 2003

Trailer Trash??

Ok, so I went to work today to reorganize my office after the big move out of the old space. Now I am in a trailer, and the jokes have already started. Uy vey! Well, at least my new schedule is looking better than last year! Thank heaven for small favors!

Sunday, August 17, 2003

Why "Miss President"????

Why am I Miss President? Well, for some reason my last name (which isn't very hard to pronounce - unless you're a telemarketer) is difficult for some kindergarteners to remember/phonate/understand... thus, I became Miss President. I guess it sounded close enough to them. We'll see if they get it right now that they are moving to first grade.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

june fourteenth

fyi - if you don't already know this (and I guess that most people reading actually do know me) june fourteenth is my favorite holiday - Flag Day.
[Look at me - "most people reading this" - assuming that there must be millions of people reading this. Yeah, I'm that popular.]
On Friday, I went on a little day-trip to Martha's Vinyard with rebecca. I've been there before, but never during the summer, believe it or not. It was a perfect day, complete with fireworks! Pictures (well, the two we took on the digital camera) are forthcoming, but until then, check out this website of MV and see if it inspires you!
Hello world! This is my first post and it was made possible by the help of my dear friend rebecca, who is the goddess of html (at least in my opinion!). Thank you smacky!!! :)