Thursday, February 23, 2006

long time, no blog

Hello, all.

I realize that I have been quite the blogging slacker of late. My appologies to you all!

Quick update on life:
Time flies! Valentine's Day was lovely - roses arrived at work by messenger, chocolate covered strawberries came at lunchtime (along with Matt, for a breif visit) and in the evening, we went to the Soda Pop Shop in Montclair (someone else's pics of it), which is the tres fun place we found after going to the play on our first official date! While there, I received a lovely set of Murano glass bead bracelets. I fear that Matt didn't make out as well! :( Alas, hopefully I can make it up to him another time!
Other than that excitement and work, let's see... a few weekends ago we took some engagement photos - I'll hopefully post one soon... it snowed the other weekend and I got to go sledding, which was tremendous fun... and I escaped to Belmar for the weekend... and most recently I have been quite sick! :( I actually left work after only a little over an hour on Tuesday and have not yet returned! I plan on going tomorrow morning and hopefully can take it a little slow, since I'm still pretty tired and not completely myself yet. Bah!

Boy, life can make you a little crazy sometimes! But on the whole it is a good kind of crazy, so I'll take it. :)