Thursday, March 27, 2008

ROCK ON, little friend!

The other week, I bought myself a pair of earrings in one of those teeny-bopper accessory stores. They made me laugh and seemed like something I could totally get away with wearing at work.

Today was the first day I wore them, and oh... they were a huge hit! But the best part was when a third grader came up to me and said, "Those are Les Paul guitar earrings!"

Oh, obviously devoted Guitar Hero player, yes they are! Little does he know that my Guitar Hero band's lead singer plays a sunburst. These earrings don't look quite like that one, though - they are pink and sparkly. ;) This new Les Paul Goddess model is pretty cool, I must say. If I ever learn to play the guitar well, then maybe I can someday rock out with something like this!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do you know where I put my.......?

I've been losing work things lately. People tell me this is a sign of stress. (no, really?)
I lost a CD at school. I lost another CD at another school. I lost a teaching mag/CD that I bought with my own money.

And so, I stress about it. I looked into how much it would cost to get a replacement magazine... $30 plus shipping, which isn't as bad as I thought. The one CD I lost can't be replaced without a big big hassle... so I will have to burn a new copy of it if I can't find it. The other CD costs about $45, I think. (It's an accompaniment CD and those are tres expensive.) All in all, stressworthy, I think. I could potentially be out $75+ out of pocket and miss out on things that I could do with the stuff while I don't have it.

I've actually had a full night of anxiety dreams about the magazine, and last night I found myself dreaming about one of the CDs and potential places it could be. So I dug through a pile of stuff at school and found a CD... not the one I was looking for, but another I didn't need right now. But what was underneath it? The CD I lost. Relief! I don't need to spend $45!

So then I had a doctor's appointment today and had a few minutes in the waiting room... so I looked through her magazines. There was my magazine!! (I thought I left it there last week, but when I called them and asked them to look, they said it wasn't around.) Yay! I was worried someone walked off with it if they realized what it was. But it was happily sitting in a pile, intact.
So happy I don't have to replace what is already mine!

Now if I can just find the un-replaceable CD I'll be golden - in terms of work, anyway.
...until I lose something else.
It's the curse of the moving-around type of job. Things have a way of vanishing.

... too much stuff to try to keep together. Both at work and school. Most of the time I am just hanging on by my fingernails! Ahh!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I just randomly realized that I've been at this for FOUR and a HALF years! I started on August 16th, 2003... and haven't shut up since. Wow.

...time flies when you're good at procrastinating.

Yes or No?

Things like this are the sunshine on a grumbly day, telling you that your job has its moments of brilliance.

Backstory: If a student misses chorus, I send them a little note. Students and parents know that if the kid is unexcused for three rehearsals they will not remain in chorus. I stress the importance of notes from home. One girl wasn't able to go to chorus yesterday. She came to me and told me, and I reminded her to bring me a note today. She remembered to bring it to me today. I decided to post it here, as it was written, with names changed to protect the innocent. ;)

March 18, 2008 Note For Miss President

Dear Miss President,

I'm sorry that I miss chorus on March 18, 2008 because my cousin wanted to go home, and my mom was outside. And my mom want me to go home too!

I hope you don't take Petunia out of chorus?

yes OR no


Petunia Smith
(Mom's signature below)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I heart love chocolate

I needed some chocolate today. So I bought some on my way home from my doctor's appointment. I got this:

I'd seen this at the Chocolate Show that I went to in New York a few years go. It's a very nice chocolate that has both traditional and unusual flavors... and I love the fact that it has a love poem inside! Check it out - Chocolove!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Court Proceeding

Sorry about the delay. The week has been so busy that there hasn't been time to post!

Court was an interesting experience. There were all sorts of cases that went before us... everything from small claims (fighting over a condo deposit), two DUI cases, someone in handcuffs (didn't see them, though) and lots of other interesting looking people. There was one other gentleman and myself who were there for speeding in the park. The officer was there and we met him out in the hallway once the proceedings had started. He offered a deal - a lesser charge (something about disobeying a speed device, I think?) and only 2 points instead of the 4 that it could have been. I went with plenty of cash so that I could pay the fine (there was no ATM and they don't accept credit or checks) and was fortunate to find the fine to be much much left than I thought it would be! I went before the judge and took the plea and asked for leniency. All in all, it was not so bad. I'm also taking a "safe driving" course in the spring (my own decision, not theirs) and that will remove the two points... which are thankfully too few to change my insurance anyway.

This time, the police officer was much much nicer, too... he actually had helped Matt the day before in the park when he blew a tire on the way to school and the two chatted about cars for a bit. How funny how people can appear so different during different occasions.

I'm just thankful that it went well and it's mostly over... just two evenings of class in May and the whole thing is done. Sigh.

And the funny thing is that a week or so later, my car had some warning lights go on and I had to bring it in... to have my front wheel SPEED SENSORS replaced. So this means that I might not have even known I was speeding as much as I was! Blast! :/

Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't throw the book at me!

Tomorrow I have to appear in traffic court. I was lucky that they rescheduled my court date so that I wouldn't have to miss work, and for that I am thankful. But I am so intimidated by this process - I will go in and plead my case, stating that I am a safe driver with a clean record. I will admit to speeding... I'm not going to lie. But I will still ask for leniency and show them that I am signed up for a driver education/point reduction program in May. I hope that they take that into consideration.

It's a late night, too - court doesn't begin until 8pm, and it's at least 30/45 minutes away. I hope that there aren't a million other people there as well.

Wish me luck! :(

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Thought provoking...

When we let others' judgments and criticisms affect us, or their advice and opinions sway us from our truth, we give away power. On of the reasons we do this is to please others in order to be accepted. But if we habitually put others' needs before our own, our life-force energy is drained, our passions are deadened, and our purpose and dreams go unfulfilled.

-Karen Mehringer

Saturday, March 01, 2008


Do you suppose that if you took the cookie-dough bits out of the ice cream you could bake cookies with them?

...too bad I ate them all.