Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Do you know where I put my.......?

I've been losing work things lately. People tell me this is a sign of stress. (no, really?)
I lost a CD at school. I lost another CD at another school. I lost a teaching mag/CD that I bought with my own money.

And so, I stress about it. I looked into how much it would cost to get a replacement magazine... $30 plus shipping, which isn't as bad as I thought. The one CD I lost can't be replaced without a big big hassle... so I will have to burn a new copy of it if I can't find it. The other CD costs about $45, I think. (It's an accompaniment CD and those are tres expensive.) All in all, stressworthy, I think. I could potentially be out $75+ out of pocket and miss out on things that I could do with the stuff while I don't have it.

I've actually had a full night of anxiety dreams about the magazine, and last night I found myself dreaming about one of the CDs and potential places it could be. So I dug through a pile of stuff at school and found a CD... not the one I was looking for, but another I didn't need right now. But what was underneath it? The CD I lost. Relief! I don't need to spend $45!

So then I had a doctor's appointment today and had a few minutes in the waiting room... so I looked through her magazines. There was my magazine!! (I thought I left it there last week, but when I called them and asked them to look, they said it wasn't around.) Yay! I was worried someone walked off with it if they realized what it was. But it was happily sitting in a pile, intact.
So happy I don't have to replace what is already mine!

Now if I can just find the un-replaceable CD I'll be golden - in terms of work, anyway.
...until I lose something else.
It's the curse of the moving-around type of job. Things have a way of vanishing.

... too much stuff to try to keep together. Both at work and school. Most of the time I am just hanging on by my fingernails! Ahh!

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