Tuesday, January 30, 2007


From Hospital

Three questions about this product:
1. Is it made out of Big-Az?
2. Does eating it give you a Big-Az?
3. Do you feel like a Big-Az for buying it?

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One Year...

From Fright Fest 2006

Last year, on Sunday the 22nd of January, Matt asked me if I'd be his wife, and I said yes. :) (see the archives for the story, if you don't know it or want to remember!)

From Gordon Homeco...

Strange to think that a year has passed. On Sunday, January 21st of this year, I was in the hospital. Matt was so good to me - he did everything and anything in his power to make sure I was comfortable and taken care of - really, I am so lucky. That evening, while my parents were also visiting, he grabbed his coat and took off to run some errands. I didn't really think anything of it, considering that he really hadn't left my side since I was admitted.

From Belmar July 2006

He came back in a little while, carrying a cardboard cup container with take out cups. He'd brought Beantowne Cafe to me, since I could not make it there... :) so sweet! We laughed about how it was such an adventure last year, and how that was so characteristic of us... and how this year had brought an adventure, too... albeit a very different one!

From Leyden-Binder...

So, although it is late, Happy Anniversary, caro mio. I will marry you - this year, if I can keep my New Year's Resolution! Let's get to work! I love you! xoxo

From Crayola Facto...

MySpace, part 2

I have to post Matt's comment to yesterday's query. It seems scarily plausible.

I have a theory. Somewhere in the world there is a secret nation known as Fraternia.
The nation of
Fraternia is unique in that it's population is entirely male and extremely
trendy. The citizens of
Fraternia are not born naturally there, but rather are grown
in tanks, engineered from stolen
genetic material from people all over the world, and
thus are in fact the genetic siblings of the majority of the worlds population. The main
occupation of the these citizens is to keep track of popular trends around the world and
imitate them. Though the existence of
Fraternia is not well known, there are small leaks
of its effects. Thus when one utters the phrase "Oh, everyone and his brother is doing
such and such..." they are entirely correct. -Matt

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Does everyone and their brother have a MySpace account?

Monday, January 22, 2007

Oh, the drama!

Since December and the pneumonia episode that kept me out of work for a week and a half, I have gotten better, but not well. I had some grown-up drugs after being to the ER, and they did make me feel better... but I continued to have setbacks. I've been back and forth to the doctor enough that the staff now greet me by name, and I did two additional courses of antibiotics. It was during round 2 (started on Thursday night) that this chapter begins.
I had a fever on Thursday (which prompted starting the drugs) but it seemed to break, so I went to work on Friday and took it slow. Saturday morning I felt pretty good, so I went to run some errands. It was cold, and I certainly felt the chill, but it wasn't until I was home again that I discovered the cold I was feeling was the fever returning... but more violently. I had 102. By the evening I was miserable - chills, shaking, achy... so it was back to the emergency room. My heart rate was flying (I think they said 140 when I came in?) so they hooked me up to the monitors and did x-rays and took loads of blood.
They found that the pneumonia was still there, and since it had resisted three courses of drugs, the words "infectious diseases" and "public health" came up. We waited for a bed and they admitted me. Considering they weren't sure of exactly what they had on their hands with me, I got the treat of a private room (yay! yay! yay!)... in oncology, of all places.
I will tell you , though - it's the best department in the hospital - the nurses are awesome and it's quiet and peaceful. Everyone is very flexible and helpful and I really can't say enough about them. I really had a great experience, considering the situation. I have responded well to the IV drugs - so well, they let me go home so I can sleep in my own bed tonight. I'll be home most of the week, if not all. It will be good to finally knock this yuckiness out of my system, even if it means I now completely wipe out my personal time and will actually not get paid for part of the week.

There is a silver lining to that last statement, though - I have some kick-az* health insurance, and for that I am truely grateful. It makes the pain of losing a few days pay bearable, since I would be out at least a quarter of my yearly salary if I had to pay for this event out of pocket!

*You will understand the usage when you look at the gallery! :)

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I am supposed to be up in Massachusetts today. At Becky's birthday party. I was very much looking forward to it, too. But then on Thursday night I discovered I had 101F temperature. A screeching halt to the travel plans. A quiet weekend at home instead. More medicine. More rest. More of this awfulness that hinders my life. No more sick days to take at work. When will this awfulness end?

Sunday, January 14, 2007


This is what I think might have happened if Princess Lea and R2D2 mated.
...and were Lego.
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Pack Your Bags...

It's really kind of awful that I have been getting (some of) my motivation to travel from television...

I love to watch Samantha Brown on the Travel Channel. Great Hotels and Passport to Europe (along with all of the other shows she's done) are both fantastic, and I've learned about so many places I want to go and see. I think part of it is that she's so personable and fun and genuinely excited about going to new places - I want to be her! Matt and I both have the travel bug and are already planning more trips than we can possibly take! I've wanted to go to the Library Hotel in NYC for years (I actually have now seen the outside, just by chance!), and Matt wants to go to Barcelona... if only for the "secret cookies"!! I've now found another hotel... Hotel Aria, in Prague. It's a music hotel! Much like the Library Hotel, each floor has a different theme (Jazz, Opera, Classical, Contemporary) with different rooms that celebrate different people in that genre.

Oh, I'd better start picking up loose change on the street if I'm ever going to begin to afford all of the traveling I want to do!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Birthday Birthday Birthday Birthday Birthday Birthday!

Today is Becky's Birthday. She deserves the best birthday ever - she is a true-blue friend -
a great listener and encourager, crafty, creative, a great mom, domestic goddess,
money manager extraordinaire, adventurous and fun, too. I think she's one cool chick!
To celebrate (from afar!) I decided that some pictures were in order...

Martha's Vineyard, April 1999!

Spring 2001 - The operetta that no one remembers! (Grand Dutchess of Gerolstein)

Coolness, summer 2002


Happiest of Birthdays, Bec!
I miss you and hope that I get to see you
sometime soon! Enjoy the day!
Smack smack! Happy Birthday to you!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year's... a little late

I know, I am a slacker in not posting about New Year's until the 7th of the month, but you can deal. :)
We rang in 2007 with friends down at the shore house. There was an enormous turkey dinner in the evening... excellent food and far more than we could all finish, which is saying a lot! Then some laziness with tv and movies until the big moment. We all toasted, and then Matt and I went outside and lit some sparklers and bottle rockets (don't worry, we took safety precautions!), which was a lot of fun! After finishing the movie, we all crashed and slept in.
The next day was really crummy and rainy, so it was spent inside. A rather gloomy start to the year!
Woo-hoo. I was such a party girl, eh? Well, again, Happy 2007, everyone!

Friday, January 05, 2007

But I want wanton soup!

My Fortune Cookie told me:
Beware the alphabet soup and the wounded bacon roll.
Get a cookie from Miss Fortune

Thursday, January 04, 2007


From Crayola Facto...

Does it bother anyone else that it looks like there are two mutilated people in the water? Obviously, the two on the shore are completely oblivious.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Road Trip!

Last week, during the winter break, I decided to plan a little road trip. So I surprised Matt and we headed out on the highway and drove to Easton, PA... to the Crayola Factory! What a fun place! They teach you how to make crayons (although Mr. Rodgers already taught us that - and he is represented there, too!) and you can learn about the history of the company, and then... the creativity happens. There's coloring and watercolor painting and playing with Model Magic and painting with wax and projects and markers that write on glass and a play area and sidewalk chalk... and who knows what else?! Unfortunately, due to the holiday week there were a ton of people there, but still so much fun!
Upstairs is the National Canal Museum. The cool thing is that the two are included in the one admission price. It is another great place - very interesting to learn all about this form of transportation in an entirely hands-on environment. There were lots of things to do, like learn about pulleys and mules and actually take a little boat through a series of locks. I learned a lot!

I'd initially planned for us to go to the Easton Museum of Pez, (website down, hopefully will be up soon) too... but it seemed awfully small and doesn't have to do with the actual Pez company. So instead we hit up the Crayola and Canal gift shops and eventually headed out.

Being an overachiever, I then mapped out three state parks for us to see and collect stickers from... we started the Passport for Adventure program and figured we'd hit a few out of the way places (which were conveniently on the way!). We only made it to one - Voorhees State Park - since I was not feeling so great and the parks close early on a weeknight in the winter!

We did have enough time to get some dinner, though... at Matt's favorite restaurant. Soul food!

It was really a great day, with a lot of great memories made. Pictures are here!!

Monday, January 01, 2007


Happy New Year, everyone. Hope this year is one filled with new and exciting adventures, good health, friendship, family, laughter, love and peace.