Wednesday, January 24, 2007

MySpace, part 2

I have to post Matt's comment to yesterday's query. It seems scarily plausible.

I have a theory. Somewhere in the world there is a secret nation known as Fraternia.
The nation of
Fraternia is unique in that it's population is entirely male and extremely
trendy. The citizens of
Fraternia are not born naturally there, but rather are grown
in tanks, engineered from stolen
genetic material from people all over the world, and
thus are in fact the genetic siblings of the majority of the worlds population. The main
occupation of the these citizens is to keep track of popular trends around the world and
imitate them. Though the existence of
Fraternia is not well known, there are small leaks
of its effects. Thus when one utters the phrase "Oh, everyone and his brother is doing
such and such..." they are entirely correct. -Matt

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