Sunday, February 27, 2005

My new hero

Wow. This is amazing. Whoever did this deserves a prize. And the fact that it's a Jeep makes it even cooler in my book. (and it makes me and my baby a little jealous, I must say!)

Hurrah for you, whomever you are! That is bloody brilliant!!!

Saturday, February 26, 2005

financial genious or just lucky?

Being the nerds that we are in my house, we occasionally like to play board games. One that I grew up playing was Monopoly - although "house rules" (vs. "real" rules) generally apply around here. My parents and I played today and surprisingly I was the winner - usually my financially astute father has that honor, wheeling and dealing his way to the top. But, today was my day. I was ruthless and reckless and it worked... to the tune of having $17,522 in assets at the end! (For those of you experienced Monopoly players, no, we did not start out with the standard amount of cash - we played with quite a bit more - and we did not play until someone went bankrupt... we got tired of playing and cashed in.)

Final tallies:
Me - $17,522 Dad - $13,185 Mom - $3,924

...Oh, the things I would be doing if I actually had that much cash in my hand at this moment... I certainly wouldn't be sitting in this arctic ice palace in front of the computer! :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

fun times

I think it's interesting how things always come in bunches. For example, I've had two weekends in a row of being away with friends - first the fairies and now up to B&P. I tend to see movies in bunches - no, not all in one sitting (usually!), but several fairly quickly and then none for a while. The one problem with this system is that it spoils me, and then I get sad when things quiet down for a while... blast that dumb Mr. Murphy!

This past weekend was fun. There was the party I mentioned a couple of days ago, then a day which found me in the wildest furniture store/playground and another movie (Ocean's 12), then a long long ride in the snow/sleet/yuck home, getting there just in time to go be captured by pirates (literally!) and then hang afterwards - a rarity, since I didn't have to worry about work today! Hurrah! :)

It's nice to go away, but it's also nice to be home.

Monday, February 21, 2005

A State of Weirdness

... a second attempt at this post, since I lost it the first time, due to stupidness...

I've been meaning to post about this for some time. I live in one of the more colorful states in this large country, known by some as "The armpit of America" and other colorful references such as how we are one big oil refinery or how the turnpike smells. Yeah, I live in the picturesque Garden State. So strange is our humble little state that some people got together and started a magazine called Weird NJ about strange phenomena, locations, and other oddities around here. I knew little about this group until this summer, and then in January a work friend gave me the calendar, which is hanging up at school. I find all of the strange things I'm learning about bizarrely fascinating! How interesting, though, that someone I know lives quite close to several of these obscure locations and yet only ever showed me/told me about one... didn't you think I could handle the weirdness???

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Glamour shots, Gimp keychains and Napoleon

Greetings from Massachusetts! :) Here I am at la casa de Wood, enjoying a change of scene from the insanity of work and the bleakness of Snobville. Last night was a Napoleon Dynamite party - a postcard came to me in the mail a few weeks ago, inviting me to the shindig - since I hadn't seen the movie, I was unfamiliar with the references until last night. There were tater tots (both regular and in a casserole!), deviled eggs, a "Pedro hearts Summer" cake, and nachos (also candy sushi, but that was just for fun, not tied into the film), we all had our "Glamour Shots by Peter" taken, made gimp keychains , and there was a lot of 80's inspired fashion accessories floating around. It was a really fun evening - aren't you jealous of the fun we had?

Friday, February 18, 2005


Yes, bizarrely enough, my parents have watched several more episodes of Strange Love. I came home last night from rehearsal and found them staring puzzledly at the television - and there, on the screen was the world's most unlikely couple. I think the catalyst for watching comes from the fact that it is so preposterous, so over-the-top. (And I must say I find it amusing that M&D have seen it several times!) Personally, I'm a fan of Flav's Viking hat... and it gives him a little height, next to Brigitte.

Anyway... TGIF, especially since next week I will only be at work one day! Woo hoo! :) Between a conference and the President's Day Holiday, Wednesday will be my only at-school day! (Few people have an idea of how happy that makes me!)


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Fairy Reunion and Whatnot

Hopefully quick update:

Friday: Valentine's Tea went well... not without much stress, of course, and stupidness too, but it was fine. And now it's done.

Saturday: the afternoon brought about the commencement of the Fairy Reunion Weekend. We drove down to the shore (Manahauket?) and went to dinner at a Chinese Food buffet (too many choices are overwhelming for me!!) and then back to the house to begin the movie marathon - which only ended up being HP1 and part of HP3, but then talking proceeded to keep us up quite late - or pretty early, depending on how you look at it.

Sunday: after very few hours of sleep (4), we went to IHOP (or IPOD, as I ended up calling it in a pre-coffee state!!) and then over the bridge to LBI to walk for a million miles on the beach and freeze our ears off before going back to the house to hang a little bit. After a stop at the WAWA for sandwiches (and a water... wawa from the WAWA! hehe!), we drove home. It was too short. There is already talk of a sequel, making sure that all 5 young fairies make it down, not just 4. And the movie choices are expanding - HP, LOTR, and Eleni's opera DVDs... but there will be much laughter and rejoicing. :)

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


...5...4...3...2...1... deep breath...

Can I just quit my job right now? Please?

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Accomplishment and Distraction

1. Accomplishment: assembling a small cabinet for our kitchen. (she cooks! cleans! knits! reupholsters chairs! can use a hammer!)

2. Distraction: the discovery of this little site. It will ruin work productivity when no one is looking. I've not yet explored them all, but the cow is pretty funny.

Friday, February 04, 2005

a rather random musing...

According to, today is "dump your significant jerk day." Interesting. Considering I don't have a "significant jerk", it's not one I can observe, except as an amused bystander. :)

However, it would not be saying much for me if I did have a "S.J" around to be dumping, would it? Why would one go to the trouble of making someone who is such a jerk a significant person in their life?

...something tells me I'm putting a little too much thought into this... and that means it's time for bed. Yawn.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Happy Whatever Day!

A friend here at work has introduced me to It's a lot of fun, considering they provide a list of holidays/important days - the ones you know and the ones you might not be aware of! Yesterday was an easy one - Groundhog's Day. Today is American Pie Day (what makes one pie American and not another? Or is it that an American pie is made out of Americans?). From February 1-7, it is Children's Authors and Illustrator's Week. But watch out... the 24th will be Pancake Day. That one might be a little too much for some of us to handle.... ;)