Saturday, February 26, 2005

financial genious or just lucky?

Being the nerds that we are in my house, we occasionally like to play board games. One that I grew up playing was Monopoly - although "house rules" (vs. "real" rules) generally apply around here. My parents and I played today and surprisingly I was the winner - usually my financially astute father has that honor, wheeling and dealing his way to the top. But, today was my day. I was ruthless and reckless and it worked... to the tune of having $17,522 in assets at the end! (For those of you experienced Monopoly players, no, we did not start out with the standard amount of cash - we played with quite a bit more - and we did not play until someone went bankrupt... we got tired of playing and cashed in.)

Final tallies:
Me - $17,522 Dad - $13,185 Mom - $3,924

...Oh, the things I would be doing if I actually had that much cash in my hand at this moment... I certainly wouldn't be sitting in this arctic ice palace in front of the computer! :)

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