Sunday, February 13, 2005

Fairy Reunion and Whatnot

Hopefully quick update:

Friday: Valentine's Tea went well... not without much stress, of course, and stupidness too, but it was fine. And now it's done.

Saturday: the afternoon brought about the commencement of the Fairy Reunion Weekend. We drove down to the shore (Manahauket?) and went to dinner at a Chinese Food buffet (too many choices are overwhelming for me!!) and then back to the house to begin the movie marathon - which only ended up being HP1 and part of HP3, but then talking proceeded to keep us up quite late - or pretty early, depending on how you look at it.

Sunday: after very few hours of sleep (4), we went to IHOP (or IPOD, as I ended up calling it in a pre-coffee state!!) and then over the bridge to LBI to walk for a million miles on the beach and freeze our ears off before going back to the house to hang a little bit. After a stop at the WAWA for sandwiches (and a water... wawa from the WAWA! hehe!), we drove home. It was too short. There is already talk of a sequel, making sure that all 5 young fairies make it down, not just 4. And the movie choices are expanding - HP, LOTR, and Eleni's opera DVDs... but there will be much laughter and rejoicing. :)

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