Monday, February 21, 2005

A State of Weirdness

... a second attempt at this post, since I lost it the first time, due to stupidness...

I've been meaning to post about this for some time. I live in one of the more colorful states in this large country, known by some as "The armpit of America" and other colorful references such as how we are one big oil refinery or how the turnpike smells. Yeah, I live in the picturesque Garden State. So strange is our humble little state that some people got together and started a magazine called Weird NJ about strange phenomena, locations, and other oddities around here. I knew little about this group until this summer, and then in January a work friend gave me the calendar, which is hanging up at school. I find all of the strange things I'm learning about bizarrely fascinating! How interesting, though, that someone I know lives quite close to several of these obscure locations and yet only ever showed me/told me about one... didn't you think I could handle the weirdness???

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