Monday, May 30, 2005

Movie Meme

I actually read this on someone else's blog and then saw it sent to my friend Peter... who sent it to me. So here I go:

1. Total number of films I own on DVD/video:
probably close to 50 that are mine, but we must have about 200+ in my house!
2. The last film I bought:
Probably either Down With Love or Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets… it’s been a while! But the last one I received as a gift was Roman Holiday.
3. The last film I watched:
Big Fish (Sunday night with some friends)
4. Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:
Roman Holiday, Beauty and the Beast, You’ve Got Mail, Pride and Prejudice, Annie

5. Ten things I have NOT done:
Learned to tango, been to Italy, smoked, run away from home, celebrated my birthday in another country, gotten a tattoo, lived on my own, written a book, learned another language fluently, and figured out what to do with my life!

Considering that I know few blogging people personally, the only 2 I can pick are Rebecca and Marisa!


Friday, May 27, 2005

Thoughts on a Friday

I realize that after a crazy two weeks of nonstop stuff I am in complete tired-and-random-rambling mode, and that my brain is completely full. But here are a few of my thoughts...

1. Why in the world have I been having all of these bizarre dreams lately? One of them last night involved being on the roof of a taxi and someone shooting at me.
2. Only two paychecks left. Both a great thing and a not so good thing. But I think more good than not in the long run.
3. Even though there isn't a plan in motion for the weekend, I am thrilled to have an extra day off. I truly wish I did have something in the works for Memorial Day weekend, but maybe I just need to sleep.
4. On this day in 1837, Wild Bill Hickok was born.
5. Got the Jeep magazine this week and now want to drive down to the Pine Barrens and go off-roading. It was one of 5 northeastern locations mentioned.
6. Also wish I could go to Camp Jeep in August... but probably would be my usual overachiever self and insist I could do something which would end up trashing my baby.
7. Sometimes, it annoys me to be me. I'm too blasted responsible to use up all of my sick days and not have to come in for the rest of the year.
8. Actually, I think this question about myself a lot. Don't you hate it that there are some parts of the foundation of who you really are which you can't change... and probably wouldn't want to, really, even if you want to this moment, in rebellion?
9. Got some herbs (to plant) today. Almost bought a "porch tomato" plant... maybe I will go back and get one this weekend. What is it that makes me want to dig in the dirt every spring and make things grow? Some organic impulse? (no pun intended!)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"...Sing, Eleanor!"

Oh my gosh. The girls over at Thread Bared have done it again. They consistantly have me laughing with their commentaries on patterns and kitsch and retro-whatevers... but this one takes the cake. Yes, in the early eighties, when I was but yea high, I was Annie. No, I didn't play Annie.... I literally thought I was her. Talk about obsesssed! I even went so far as to call my dad "Daddy Warbucks" and to not respond to my own name... even in public! Ask my parents... it is all true... sad, but true! I had the red dress. I had the curly red wig. I had the stuffed "Sandy." I had both the Broadway and Film soundtracks... on vinyl. I used to get out the pail and brush and 'scrub' the floor as I sang along with the other orphans. Check out ThreadBared's post from yesterday. I would have been all over that.


to: ML
from: JSB
Happy 26th birthday. Here's to a great year! :)

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Life is just too busy at the moment. I had three concerts in two days this past week (which is enough on its own, thank you very much!) and then took a Mental Health Day on Friday (you don't even know how completely necessary that was!) to recover from concerting and two rather late nights in a row (both past 12, on school nights!). Saturday actually found me missing my first performance in three seasons to attend a baby shower (under the circumstances, it had to take priority over the show) and then a performance today in a building that must have been a bazillion degrees. Went out to eat afterwards and then bumbled home. I am so tired I can barely type straight! And there is work tomorrow! Blast! ;?

One quick question/comment... logic says that highways with odd number endings (like 17 or 95) are north/south roads and those with even numbers (4, 84) are east/west... right? Then why does Rte. 287 start out east/west in NY state and then drastically change in NJ to north/south? This caused me much confusion today in getting to the performance site. That highway and I just don't seem to get along... I've gotten all jumbled on there before. Dumb road!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Yawn... bordom.

Being tired and a little bored leads me to this as a post. Do with it what you will...

1. IF YOU COULD BUILD A SECOND HOUSE ANYWHERE, WHERE WOULD IT BE? I’d like to have a FIRST house, thank you very much! But I think that one near the ocean would be wonderful.
2. WHAT' S YOUR FAVORITE ARTICLE OF CLOTHING? At the moment, my circle skirt.
3. THE LAST CD YOU BOUGHT? Mario Frangoulis – Follow Your Heart
4. IF YOU COULD PLAY AN INSTRUMENT, WHAT WOULD IT BE? I can play some, although none well. I’d have to go with piano.
5. FAVORITE COLOR? I like most, but I think pink is the dominant favorite at the moment.
6. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SPORTS CAR OR SUV? Either my baby (Jeep) or a convertible!
8. FAVORITE CHILDREN'S BOOK? Two Kittens Are Born by Betty Schilling
9. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE SEASON? Springtime, but there are things I love about all of the seasons!
10. IF YOU COULD HAVE ONE SUPER POWER, WHAT WOULD IT BE? Never really thought about it. Maybe flying.
11. CAN YOU JUGGLE? With scarves, yes. Anything else, no.
12. THE ONE PERSON FROM YOUR PAST YOU WISH YOU COULD GO BACK AND TALK TO? My Grandmother (Dad’s Mom) – I never got to meet her, and my father says that we would have been real kindred spirits.
13. WHAT'S IN THE TRUNK OF YOUR CAR/TRUCK? A laundry basket with a hat, kitty litter, rags, car polish, some CD’s, fairy wings, a wand, and other various stuff… and yes, I can prove it all!
14. WHICH DO YOU PREFER, SUSHI OR HAMBURGER? I need to be brave and try more sushi.
15. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER? Daisies, stargazer lilies, wildflowers, roses….
16. WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE MEAL? I think the company is more important than the food itself.
17. WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY? Flag Day – June 14
18. SOUP OR SALAD? Depends on the weather – soup if it is cold, salad otherwise.
19. MOUTHWASH OR BREATH MINTS? Listerine, all the way - either liquid or the pocket packs!
22. WINE, BEER OR WHISKEY? Wine, if those are the options
23. CABLE OR SATELLITE TV? I’ve never had satellite!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

two unrelated things from a jumbled brain

Ug. Emotional hangover. 2 1/2 hour concert last night with about 200 performing kids and a standing-room-only audience. It was a great concert, though - don't get me wrong! I am tremendously proud of them, and got a little teary at the prospect that this was it, the last concert with these kids. And my wonderful and sweet accompanist got me flowers and had the kids present them to me. It's just heartbreaking to hear kids say "I'm definately doing choir next year!"... and I won't be there to see it! (Well, 4 spring concerts down, 2 to go.)

Now to go in a completely different direction... (watch out for the whiplash!) I love the fact that Loew's Theatres are doing this program where they are bringing back movies to the big screen - Fan Favorites. (Only available at 4 theatres, tho??) The shows are free - all you have to do is reserve a ticket. Each month has a theme, with May being "Disaster Flicks". I will definately have to try to take advantage of this concept this summer. It sounds like tremendous fun for a moviegirl like me, someone who loves the concept of the big screen and the dark and the popcorn smell... :)

Saturday, May 14, 2005

here, bunny bunny bunny....

Your'e right, this is not my first bunny story. (see my post from June 3rd of last year for specifics).

Well, this bunny story starts with waking up to the sound of my father's voice outside, calling to my mother that there is a baby bunny on the grass. I go down shortly thereafter and mom shows me where the baby is... alone and out in the open! I go outside to look and see if it is still alive, and it was. It was so tiny and cute and fuzzy and still - I just wanted to scoop it up and bring it into the house! Mom and I were very distressed... we thought it was abandoned, or hurt! But thankfully the Mom came back once we went back inside and continually stared at us as we looked out at her with her baby.

We were still afraid that the baby was sick or hurt. Can bunnies that small hop? Or do their Moms carry them? Should they be outside like that? Finally, we called the SPCA people, who referred us to call our police station to get in contact with Animal Control. The policeman who spoke with Mom said that it was all right and that as long as it wasn't out there all day it should be fine.

A while later, I went out (very very slowly) to see the bunies. The Mom got a little scared and hopped sideways, at which point I saw that the baby was gone. We left it some lettuce and it stayed in the area all day. We just hope that the baby is now safe at home, and the Mom was just out for a snack.

...I just can't deal with another bunny death! This baby has to live!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sew, sew, sew the dress....

(to the tune of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat")

We have two sewing machines in my house. One is my mother's, which has to be at least thirty-some years old. It's a Singer, which is a good, recognizable brand. She used to make a lot of her own clothing when she was young, so it's been put to good use. It's actually inside a table - you open the top and flip it out. Unfortunately, it's not working correctly, and then I tried to poke around inside it. In the process of doing that, I lost a miniscule screw. (oops!) So now it is really broken.

Mine was inherited. My Aunt bought it from a school that cancelled their HomeEc program, and then gave it to me when she moved out to Colorado. I tried to set it up months ago when I attempted to make a yoga-mat-bag, but it wouldn't work... and I don't have an owner's manual. It's a Necchi - which is Italian, and that is about as much as I knew. I have the model number, but as to its age or anything else? Nope.

I took mine to a repair shop. They told me what was wrong and fixed it, but said that it was in dire need of service. The cost of said servicing is $79.99... yikes! I thought that at the steep servicing charge I should perhaps invest in a new machine instead, but someone I'm in the show with said I would be making a huge mistake in doing that... that this is a quality machine and I should invest in it. (I honestly think she would have snatched it from me if I did decide to trash it!)

So, even in its needing-service state, I decided to take a chance and finally figured out how to use it... somewhat, anyway. (Being on a deadline - dress must be done by Saturday - I needed to do something!) I was able to add the piece to lenghten my costume, but if anyone actually takes a good look at the job I did, they will see I am no seamstress and that I have no idea how the machine properly works. At least from stage (and really, even up close) no one will know what I went through to get that dumb thing done!

So we cross one bridge and get to some others.... where's the $80 going to come from? And what about a manual? And I guess with all of this effort, I should really take the time to really learn how to sew, while I'm at it! ;)

Oh, before I forget - Sister update:
She's coming home from the hospital today! She seems to be doing well in terms of sensation and feelings coming back, and the lab report said the tumor is begign. :) So now we just wait for recovery and the 6 week scan to check that it hasn't returned. Good news is always something to share. :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


Today was such a beautiful day that I felt I could not spend all of my afternoon inside. So I combined being outdoors with doing something productive... I vaccumed all of the junk off the floor of my Sheep-in-a-Jeep, cleaned the inside and windows, and took my baby for a bath. It looks so much better in the nice, shiny Garnet Red it is supposed to be instead of a mixture of grime and green pollen! :)

Monday, May 09, 2005

Salt Lake City

My sister lives in SLC. We don't get to see her too often because of it, but she likes it out there and I hear it is a beautiful place, if not run over with Mormons! :) Anyway, the reason my parents are there is because my sister had a tumor on her pituitary gland, which was affecting her balance and vision. So she had it out today, and as far as we know (from the update phone call I just got) they were successful in getting it all. The good thing is that her chances of it being benign are excellent - at least 80%. But no matter what, brain surgery is serious stuff. As is the recovery. But we're thankful for the good news. Keep her in your prayers, though - every little bit helps! :)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day 2005

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to one and all!

This mother's day has certainly been the most unusual one in memory. Usually I spend it with my mom (of course!), although for four years it was a day to crazily study for finals (college, of course), and one year I was at a resturaunt with others since my mom was away.

My parents left the house at 5am this morning to go to Salt Lake City (more about why tomorrow) and so I woke up at 4:45 to say goodbye and then crashed back into bed. Woke up for real at 10:45. Went downstairs. Read the paper, made some food (an omlet with aspagarus, green pepper, tomato, mushrooms & cheese... yum), watched some TV, did some yoga and weight training (to try to get my slothlike self back into shape, hopefully I can keep it up), watched more TV, ate some Triscuts, washed the dishes, came up here to futz on the computer... yeah, that's about it! I haven't left the house. I haven't put on real clothes or even taken a shower! I have done little that is productive.

... but sometimes days like that are necessary. :)

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Some kids are just awesome.

Today is National Teacher Day. So even though you will probably be reading this tomorrow, it might be a nice idea to tell teachers that you know (or remember fondly) that you appreciate what they do. Believe me, it will make their day. I found the cutest home-made card in my school mailbox today. The outside had a little person and a guitar on it and said "Music Rocks!" The inside continued - " do you! Happy National Teacher Day!" How cute is that? In the midst of my work-related strum und drang, a little ray of sunshine... which was just what I needed.