Sunday, May 22, 2005


Life is just too busy at the moment. I had three concerts in two days this past week (which is enough on its own, thank you very much!) and then took a Mental Health Day on Friday (you don't even know how completely necessary that was!) to recover from concerting and two rather late nights in a row (both past 12, on school nights!). Saturday actually found me missing my first performance in three seasons to attend a baby shower (under the circumstances, it had to take priority over the show) and then a performance today in a building that must have been a bazillion degrees. Went out to eat afterwards and then bumbled home. I am so tired I can barely type straight! And there is work tomorrow! Blast! ;?

One quick question/comment... logic says that highways with odd number endings (like 17 or 95) are north/south roads and those with even numbers (4, 84) are east/west... right? Then why does Rte. 287 start out east/west in NY state and then drastically change in NJ to north/south? This caused me much confusion today in getting to the performance site. That highway and I just don't seem to get along... I've gotten all jumbled on there before. Dumb road!

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