Tuesday, May 24, 2005

"...Sing, Eleanor!"

Oh my gosh. The girls over at Thread Bared have done it again. They consistantly have me laughing with their commentaries on patterns and kitsch and retro-whatevers... but this one takes the cake. Yes, in the early eighties, when I was but yea high, I was Annie. No, I didn't play Annie.... I literally thought I was her. Talk about obsesssed! I even went so far as to call my dad "Daddy Warbucks" and to not respond to my own name... even in public! Ask my parents... it is all true... sad, but true! I had the red dress. I had the curly red wig. I had the stuffed "Sandy." I had both the Broadway and Film soundtracks... on vinyl. I used to get out the pail and brush and 'scrub' the floor as I sang along with the other orphans. Check out ThreadBared's post from yesterday. I would have been all over that.

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