Tuesday, September 26, 2006

supermarket heaven?

This weekend, I escaped "down the shore" for some r&r and de-stressing. We wanted to go to Fright Fest, but it does not start until next weekend. Bah! So, I had an idea of something that I wanted to do... go to the supermarket.

Being an avid reader of LJCfyi, I have often heard about Wegmans. Jenny touts it as a supermarket of fabulousness. True, I don't know her personally, but her site is addictive and I think she lives a pretty cool life, so if she liked this place, I was sure I would as well! Matt was wary about my choice of weekend activity - but being a good sport, he went along with it.

What. a . cool. place! It is like an ubersupermarket - aesthetically interesting, with a beautiful produce section, cafe (with upstairs balcony seating), coffee bar, prepared foods section, hot food bar, a sushi counter, amazing bakery section with woodburning stove and gorgeous pastries (and a cookie bar, which had a sign just for Matt on it - do not lean on or reach over the glass!) a big natural/organic/health food section, a flower department that was more florist, books, papergoods, loose teas, appliances, newspapers from all over the country, and even things like Waterford crystal glasses/vases and tableware. Amazing!

I only wish that we had one closer to home... no matter where they are in NJ, they are nowhere near here! The next time I go, I am going to plan a feast! :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Here's what I found on the "fireworks" dream:

Fireworks 1. Watching fireworks burst into a rain of light in the sky is an omen of great good fortune ahead, particularly in romance.

Fireworks To see fireworks, indicates enjoyment and good health. For a young woman, this dream signifies entertainments and pleasant visiting to distant places.

Fireworks A dream that forecasts possible obstacles to the accomplishment of some cherished plan; the more spectacular the display was in your dream, the longer will be your season of frustration.

Fireworks Dreaming about fireworks means that you like to be the center of attention and are showing off to others. It also symbolizes enthusiasm and exhilaration.

Fireworks To see fireworks in your dream, symbolizes enthusiasm, creativity, and talent. It may also indicate that you are showing off and making a spectacle of yourself.

Hmmm. Mostly good, enthusiastic things, but some frustration. We will see. :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Crazy girl with a query

Hi. At this point, posts will perhaps be infrequent due to much stress, craziness and overwheming at the new job. Needless to say, jumping in with both feet has put me in over my head. I hope that it will get better soon, as I know that the way I am is affecting those in closest contact to me - namely Matt, Mom and Dad. I am sorry I am such a mess! :(

Now the query. I had a dream the other night about seeing fireworks. Does anyone know what that is supposed to mean?

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day 2006

It's funny, really - lots of interesting things happen in my life and I mean to blog about them, but somehow they never seem to make it here and yet things like this do:

Oragami CD Holder

I learned about this on the weekend. It's pretty smart and crafty, if I say so myself. I'm using it for some CDs that I have to send in the mail, and it certainly makes them more space efficient.

And yeah, tomorrow is the first "official" day of the new job. I'm a bit nervous about it, considering that there are so many things still up in the air. Hopefully they will start to make sense soon, but for now, I just wish I could be organized, and sincerely hope that I find out that I have a place to put my things tomorrow. That would be good.