Tuesday, September 26, 2006

supermarket heaven?

This weekend, I escaped "down the shore" for some r&r and de-stressing. We wanted to go to Fright Fest, but it does not start until next weekend. Bah! So, I had an idea of something that I wanted to do... go to the supermarket.

Being an avid reader of LJCfyi, I have often heard about Wegmans. Jenny touts it as a supermarket of fabulousness. True, I don't know her personally, but her site is addictive and I think she lives a pretty cool life, so if she liked this place, I was sure I would as well! Matt was wary about my choice of weekend activity - but being a good sport, he went along with it.

What. a . cool. place! It is like an ubersupermarket - aesthetically interesting, with a beautiful produce section, cafe (with upstairs balcony seating), coffee bar, prepared foods section, hot food bar, a sushi counter, amazing bakery section with woodburning stove and gorgeous pastries (and a cookie bar, which had a sign just for Matt on it - do not lean on or reach over the glass!) a big natural/organic/health food section, a flower department that was more florist, books, papergoods, loose teas, appliances, newspapers from all over the country, and even things like Waterford crystal glasses/vases and tableware. Amazing!

I only wish that we had one closer to home... no matter where they are in NJ, they are nowhere near here! The next time I go, I am going to plan a feast! :)

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