Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A childhood fantasy come true!

I know, I have lots to post about and I've been very lax in actually getting it out there into the great beyond. But I have to share what I did today, as I was exceptionally excited.

I went to Annie's house!

Matt took me to Monmouth University, to see the building used for both interiors and exteriors of Oliver Warbuck's house. Woodrow Wilson Hall, as it is known, has just begun a restoration process, but it is just as I expected it to be! I walked into the great hall and was about five again, believing that I was Annie. (Which had been much to the frustration of my parents... I refused to be called anything other than Annie, if you please!) It was such fun to see it for real!

We wandered all over and took pictures and poked in and out of rooms. While there, I texted my dear friend Marisa, who actually went to school there, and she clued me in to a few key locations... which we snuck into. :)

We also poked around the library, which is apparently haunted! It was exceptionally hot today, but this was such a fun surprise adventure. Yay!
(Pictures are to follow, I promise. I took a lot.)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thoughts in my brain...

Tiredness, frustration, disgust, fear, anxiety, self loathing.

Monday, July 14, 2008

There is always time for shoes...

...even when you're supposed to be doing schoolwork. ;)

These are my new sandals... they are Birki's Tahiti Paisley Rose. My first pair of Birkenstocks ever. They came home with me from the Windmill in upstate New York. Yay.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Still here.

Hey. Still here. Just taking a graduate class every day for two weeks. It's good and I am enjoying it - Music and Storytelling in the morning and Theatre/Playwriting in the afternoon. Intense sessions and then journaling and fear of the end when all work gets sent away for grading.

I'm around. You can call me or email me and whatever. I am still (somewhat) social. But I'm busy.

There's been a lot to post about and I had wanted to start a project, but it isn't the right time for that... although the overachiever in me wants it all to somehow fit in.

So things like this will have to wait until there's time.

Talk to you soon...