Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Feedback, please!

If you had free airline tickets to anywhere in the continental US that you needed to use this summer and wanted to go someplace:

a) cool and interesting b) ripe with adventure c) not going to break the bank

Where would you go? Please comment and let me know, including examples/reasons why/etc.

Thanks. :)

random know-how

I've started using iGoogle as my own personal homepage and I love how you can personalize what you see. I put on the normal types of things: weather, calendar, top news, gmail. I also put on Google reader, Calvin and Hobbes and the How To of the Day.

Today's "how to"
is pretty cool. I might give it a try. Crafty and musical all in one!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

junefourteenth on the twenty-first

I never got around to posting about my birthday. Actually, I never got around to posting about Matt's birthday, either! Partially, that's because I still haven't had a chance to take him on his birthday adventure, and I had a concert on the actual night! Matt came along to the concert, and I surprised him by having my chorus sing "Happy Birthday" for him. Once we do get to go out, there will be mention of it, of course. And pictures, too. :)

So... my birthday. On the actual day, I worked, of course, and then we had dinner with my parents.

Then, on Saturday, we went to dinner at the Melting Pot. It was a bit of a joint celebration for both of us, and we certainly enjoyed ourselves! Asian inspired cheese fondue, salad, a feast of all sorts of meat in a coq au vin cooking sauce, and "flaming turtle" chocolate fondue (oh, joy!! happy dance!).

I got a very amazing gift, too. Certainly a surprise in itself - something he should not have done... but it is lovely! (in pink!) I think that the first words out of my mouth when I opened the box - in the middle of the restaurant - were, "You are insane!"

So, yeah. All in all it was a good Birthday.

(pictures from both celebrations)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quick Update

I don't really have time for a big post, but here is a long-overdue post on Memorial Day Weekend. On the whole it was just a relaxing time... nothing too stressful. :) Just the way I like it.
We ended up leaving to go down the shore late Saturday night. On Sunday, we hung out. The boys did some power washing, we went to the supermarket, ate pizza, had some fun. Sunday, Matt, Dana, David and I went to Point Pleasant and played mini-golf and hung out on the boardwalk a little. On Monday, we all barbecued together and chilled out. A good time was had by all. :)

all pics are here.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Graduation Party for Sean

My nephew Sean's graduation from high school was on Sunday. Due to the fact that they only got a few tickets, I didn't get to attend... but we did get to go to the party! :)

It was great to see everyone and celebrate. There was a ton of people there, good food, amazing cake and fun times, even when the rain sent us all inside!

I made sure that Sean was equipped with a college essential. I don't think they let you graduate unless you've eaten some ramen!

Congratulations, Sean! Best of luck as you head to higher education... and have a fantastic time in Italy! I'm very jealous!!! :)
(Other pics are here.)

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Oh, the Popcorn sickness!

Last night we decided to go to the movies. But not at any movie theatre... the drive in!
When Matt and I had just started dating, we went to the drive in to see Shrek 2 - it was such fun! I had never been to a drive-in at that point... it is such a kitschy, fun time. If you live nearby, you must go. Call me and I'll come along! ;)

When we heard that Shrek the Third was coming out, we both knew where we needed to go and see it! We weren't sure if the weather would cooperate, but about an hour before everything looked all right, so we hopped in the car and headed out to the drive-in... and discovered that we had a double feature - Shrek was followed by Spider Man 3, a movie Matt had wanted to see as well! Score!

It was a lot of fun. Even though we got there later than most people, we managed to get a spot in the front row due to taking a car and not an SUV. Due to some smart thinking, we had a good blanket and a portable radio, so we were able to stretch out and hear everything perfectly. There was lots of lightning happening over the mountains, but the sky was clear overhead so we were rain-free.

We'd brought in sandwiches, but still patronized the snack bar for a big bucket of popcorn during Shrek and then ice pops during Spider-Man. In the intermission, I had to go and use the bathroom (what else is new?) and of course the line was extremely long for the Ladies. But I was impatient and bold... and went in to use the Men's! (I had a guard outside the door, of course... and we started a trend! Several other women lined up to do the same!)

As the second movie was ending, I started to feel a little queasy. I had eaten way too much popcorn. Much more than I know is good for me. And it was making me miserable!! Oh, the uncomfortableness of it all! Once home, I downed some medicine and moaned and groaned into bed. Yuck! Hopefully, I have learned my lesson - don't get a big popcorn ever again. Hopefully.

One more thing on a non-related topic... Alex, the younger brother of my dear friend Kate, is in Europe for the week and making video posts. Check them out here!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Oh, the fierceness...

I just heard the most infuriating story and am ready to go and beat down some people.

When you mess with one of my people, you're going to have to deal with the wrath of Miss President.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Foodie Post

Marisa tagged me for a Foodie Meme a while back. I actually got the entire thing ready last Saturday, but somehow the internet got the better of me and lost the post. Grr. So here I go again....

List out your top 5 favorite places to eat at your location.
(I guess this means near where I live?)

1. Crecco's Cafe (River Vale, NJ) This is a local-yokal-Italian place, but the food is always good and a great value. I'm surprised every time I go at how great it is! I especially love their apple, goat cheese and walnut salad with grilled chicken.

2. Cafe Archetypus (Edgewater, NJ) This is an unusual cafe - it looks like you're underground, and some of the "booths" are their own little caves! Very cool atmosphere and good food. The majority of the menu is devoted to desserts, especially of the ice cream variety... so be sure to save some room!

3. Peanut Butter and Company (NYC) If you're a PB person, this is a must. They make their own, and virtually everything on the menu includes some kind of Peanut butter! I personally enjoy a good fluffernutter sandwich - chunky, of course, on toast. Sandwiches are served with a few chips and some carrot sticks, and they will cut off the crusts if you wish! Matt has enjoyed the "Elvis" - peanut butter, honey, banana and bacon... strangely, it's not that bad!

4. The Soda Pop Shop (Montclair, NJ) This place is a cool, kitschy retro trip. It's an ice cream parlor with vintage board games all over the walls and lots of retro paraphernalia. They serve diner-y/grill food, too (actually, I've had a fluffernutter sandwich there as well!), but it's really all about the atmosphere at a place like this. Go and share an ice cream soda with your sweetie!

5. The Melting Pot (Westwood, NJ) It's a chain restaurant, but oh, how good! If you're at all into chocolate or cheese (or both!) you will love it. Go hungry and wear comfortable clothes... you might eat yourself into a frenzy! The cheese fondue has many variations and different types of cheese, but the part I look the most forward to? The CHOCOLATE!!! You can customize the fondue, and it comes with a plate of amazing dip-able goodies... strawberries, bananas, pineapple, marshmallows, brownie bits, cheesecake bits..... my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Tag 5 other people (preferably from other countries/states) and let them know they’ve been tagged:

Hmm... I'm tagging Rebecca in MA, even though Marisa tagged her, too. Also Angela in NH, Kate in ME, Jenny in Italy (and/or NJ) and Matt in NJ. Tag! You're all it! ;)