Thursday, June 21, 2007

junefourteenth on the twenty-first

I never got around to posting about my birthday. Actually, I never got around to posting about Matt's birthday, either! Partially, that's because I still haven't had a chance to take him on his birthday adventure, and I had a concert on the actual night! Matt came along to the concert, and I surprised him by having my chorus sing "Happy Birthday" for him. Once we do get to go out, there will be mention of it, of course. And pictures, too. :)

So... my birthday. On the actual day, I worked, of course, and then we had dinner with my parents.

Then, on Saturday, we went to dinner at the Melting Pot. It was a bit of a joint celebration for both of us, and we certainly enjoyed ourselves! Asian inspired cheese fondue, salad, a feast of all sorts of meat in a coq au vin cooking sauce, and "flaming turtle" chocolate fondue (oh, joy!! happy dance!).

I got a very amazing gift, too. Certainly a surprise in itself - something he should not have done... but it is lovely! (in pink!) I think that the first words out of my mouth when I opened the box - in the middle of the restaurant - were, "You are insane!"

So, yeah. All in all it was a good Birthday.

(pictures from both celebrations)

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