Thursday, April 29, 2004

If it's a sickness, then I am terminal!

Peter sent me a link to this article from the Onion. Boy, I am in trouble! :)

Can't I be on vacation all the time?

Oh, why is it already Wednesday night? I like this being-on-vacation stuff. Yesterday I spent hours by myself at B&N - joy. Today, the most taxing stuff I did was...
a) get a haircut
b)meet mom for lunch
c) go to "free scoop night" at Baskin Robins (yum)
This is a good life! I didn't even mind cleaning or laundry!

So, as for Friday - the suggestion is a play. Interesting, thinks I. Not a typical suggestion... this was thought about. Hmm... more to come.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Guess Where It Is From...

I'm in an interesting mood and thought that this would be a fun activity for a too-late Tuesday night. I'll provide a quote from a well-read book and you see if it can be placed. Who knows... maybe you'll get a prize if you're right! :) I know, I'm a dork, but if that wasn't already obvious, then you weren't looking hard enough! :)

"I think she felt pretty all-by-herselfish, too. Several times I saw her make a motion as if to cross over to us, but she never did it - too shy, I suppose. I wished she would come. If I hadn't felt so much like the aforesaid elephant I'd have gone to her. But I couldn't lumber accross that big hall with all those boys howling on the stairs."

Monday, April 26, 2004

What will they think of next?

I took a quick look at LJC's blog today and, lo and behold, saw that he post from Saturday, April 24th was about.... musical furniture. Can you believe it? Coffee tables, porch swings, toyboxes... all with tops like marimbas so you can introduce your children to pitched percussion by having them bang on the furniture! Good musical concept, but realistically tricky. "No, no, sweetie - you can't hit mommy's china cabinet.... go play with the coffee table instead!" I personally like the porch swings myself... but without a porch or $1000 for the swing I will just have to tuck that one into the back of my mind for now!

Sunday, April 25, 2004


I'm on vacation, I'm on vacation, la-la-la-la-laaaaa-la! :)

After this last week, I am so glad that I don't have to go to work tomorrow! It was just so busy. Had the Women's Club concert on Thursday night with my chamber choir and they were all right... but it's hard when you have only 6 and out of your 2 girls, one is home sick with the flu! But they did fine, considering, and it is a good "dress rehearsal" for their real concerts to come. One down, nine more to go.

Friday went quick, thankfully, and had some good points: it was a friday, payday, day-before-vacation, dress-down-day, assembly-in-the-morning, breakfast.... on the whole, the ideal type of day. Of course it means that the kids were crazy, but you deal. I started not to feel well, though, so I actually spent the night on the couch with a cup of tea and a movie - Nicholas Nickleby, which was very good. Saturday, I ended up seeing Home on the Range with Katie and two of her family friends.... cute but not something I would have just gone to see on my own. Still not feeling well today, I did not go down to the water to see the QE2 and QM2 and the fireworks by the Statue of Liberty... I wanted to, but it's cold and damp and when you don't feel well and the weather is like that, you don't want to be stuck in traffic with a million people.

However, the Queen Mary 2 is supposedly beyond a lot of adjectives... mom and dad had a smashing time on board and I am hoarding my pennies so I can take a trip across the big pond one day. You can check out all that Cunard has to offer here - including a virtual tour of the QM2. I am tres jealous, but determined that I will sail away to England again.... someday!!!

Tomorrow I'll turn in the big blue beast... it has already been a month of renting. But we also will sign paperwork so that my car will get finished, even if we don't know who is ultimately paying for it. (cautious cheer.)

Update: after much telephone tag, the next meeting is Friday. Don't know where yet, but it sounds like it might be a date?

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

beans yesterday...

Well, coffee was fine yesterday. He is a nice guy, and we had a good chat. He has my number, so we'll go from there. There was no thunder-and-lightning "yes" or "no"... which I doubt exists, anyway... so I'll leave it at "we'll see."

And I'm still waiting to hear from the %&$*#! insurance people. Come on, already. I'm a patient person, but yesterday was one month since it happened. grr.

Monday, April 19, 2004

beans tomorrow...

OK. Tomorrow at 7. Coffee. With Matt. Starting. to. get. a. little. crazy.
(which is stupid, I know. But you know me. This is me. I over- obsess and over-analyze, which is not good.)
Uy. Get a grip! It's a stupid cup of coffee!

Saturday, April 17, 2004

Tra-la-la, Fiddle-dee-dee

Hola, amigos. Estoy muy cansada esta noche, pero yo quiero escribir antes de dormir.

Not bad, eh? :) Well, after another all-day rehearsal, I am wiped. Too much hurry-up-and-wait will do that to you. But at least I got to dance - I am the "dance understudy" for the entire dance trio... and perhaps I will be taking over for one of them? (yay for me, but not for her - due not to lack of talent, but live taking a big roadbump on her.)

AH! Before I forget to mention it and have to back-post, TUESDAY looks like the day for coffee with the e-mail boy. On paper, he seems like a really nice guy - normal, age appropriate, funny... let's hope the flesh and blood version is the same. I'll keep y'all posted. Interesting to me that I said I'd make a change this year and try to actually do things like this - and I am! Not that meeting 2 guys for coffee in four months is any real noticeable progress, but you have to start somewhere!!

Still waiting on the dumb insurance people. I think they are trying to freeze us out so we cave and get off their backs. Little do they know I'm not the giving up type!! I've realized that me and three friends (four if they are small) could take a long trip in the big soccer-mom-truck. There is ample space for luggage in the back, and it even has a trailer hitch. Too bad I can't go farther than the tri-state area... but that still means the shore is within limits! ;)

Tomorrow the parents and I are off to the Island of Long to see some "almost-family" (the kind that you wish you were related to, act like you're related to, but there is no biological match?). For those of you who knew me at Gordon, these people drove up to school and back in the same day for my recital - that's how awesome they are. So that should be a fun day - with gorgeous weather to boot!

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter!

I know. I have become a sporadic blogger. Lo siento. Learn to deal. :)

Well, to do some quick updating...
1. I am now driving a Chevy Trailblazer... a big honking truck, but my new pals over at Enterprise gave me a deal that I can live with. Sad it's no Jag, tho.
2. My claim to driver #1's insurance co. was DENIED due to "vehicle malfunction/defect." (translate: he is not at fault and rates will not go up for causing $4000+ damage to me and who knows how much to Driver #3 - yet my rates could go up $1000 a year for 3.5 years for doing nothing. ) Seem fair to you? We're investigating it... with the help of some friends.
3. Silence on the other end of the email from the doctor-in-training. Puzzling.
4. Keep me in your prayers due to some 'abnormal' bloodwork that I got back. New test results to follow.
5. Appear to be losing chunks of every weekend until June 12th to the operetta. Not that it is so bad, but all at awkward times, like 2 in the afternoon. Very inconvenient.
6. Saw 2 DVD's this weekend - Radio and Secondhand Lions. Both were really very good. I highly reccomend both.
7. Have you noticed that it seems that Keri Weaver on ER has become the new Mark Greene? Sadness, sadness, sadness! How is this whole gay mother/but not legally/greiving "widow/they've-stolen-my-child thing going to work out?
8. know there is more, but brain is too tired to think.

Time for bed.

Sunday, April 04, 2004


Have you ever realized how eagerly we wait for the weekend and then, by the time we know it, it is already Sunday afternoon? **sigh** Murphy's law, I guess.
Well, after a long all-day rehearsal yesterday for Patience, I was tres tired. So I did very little except watch Law and Order: SVU on TNT. But that's ok. A little vegging is good for us all. :)
On a different front, the emailing set-up is going very well. He's smart, but funny, a movie person and seems like a good guy. I am looking forward to seeing how this progresses. :)

Happy Palm Sunday!