Saturday, April 17, 2004

Tra-la-la, Fiddle-dee-dee

Hola, amigos. Estoy muy cansada esta noche, pero yo quiero escribir antes de dormir.

Not bad, eh? :) Well, after another all-day rehearsal, I am wiped. Too much hurry-up-and-wait will do that to you. But at least I got to dance - I am the "dance understudy" for the entire dance trio... and perhaps I will be taking over for one of them? (yay for me, but not for her - due not to lack of talent, but live taking a big roadbump on her.)

AH! Before I forget to mention it and have to back-post, TUESDAY looks like the day for coffee with the e-mail boy. On paper, he seems like a really nice guy - normal, age appropriate, funny... let's hope the flesh and blood version is the same. I'll keep y'all posted. Interesting to me that I said I'd make a change this year and try to actually do things like this - and I am! Not that meeting 2 guys for coffee in four months is any real noticeable progress, but you have to start somewhere!!

Still waiting on the dumb insurance people. I think they are trying to freeze us out so we cave and get off their backs. Little do they know I'm not the giving up type!! I've realized that me and three friends (four if they are small) could take a long trip in the big soccer-mom-truck. There is ample space for luggage in the back, and it even has a trailer hitch. Too bad I can't go farther than the tri-state area... but that still means the shore is within limits! ;)

Tomorrow the parents and I are off to the Island of Long to see some "almost-family" (the kind that you wish you were related to, act like you're related to, but there is no biological match?). For those of you who knew me at Gordon, these people drove up to school and back in the same day for my recital - that's how awesome they are. So that should be a fun day - with gorgeous weather to boot!

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