Sunday, April 11, 2004

Happy Easter!

I know. I have become a sporadic blogger. Lo siento. Learn to deal. :)

Well, to do some quick updating...
1. I am now driving a Chevy Trailblazer... a big honking truck, but my new pals over at Enterprise gave me a deal that I can live with. Sad it's no Jag, tho.
2. My claim to driver #1's insurance co. was DENIED due to "vehicle malfunction/defect." (translate: he is not at fault and rates will not go up for causing $4000+ damage to me and who knows how much to Driver #3 - yet my rates could go up $1000 a year for 3.5 years for doing nothing. ) Seem fair to you? We're investigating it... with the help of some friends.
3. Silence on the other end of the email from the doctor-in-training. Puzzling.
4. Keep me in your prayers due to some 'abnormal' bloodwork that I got back. New test results to follow.
5. Appear to be losing chunks of every weekend until June 12th to the operetta. Not that it is so bad, but all at awkward times, like 2 in the afternoon. Very inconvenient.
6. Saw 2 DVD's this weekend - Radio and Secondhand Lions. Both were really very good. I highly reccomend both.
7. Have you noticed that it seems that Keri Weaver on ER has become the new Mark Greene? Sadness, sadness, sadness! How is this whole gay mother/but not legally/greiving "widow/they've-stolen-my-child thing going to work out?
8. know there is more, but brain is too tired to think.

Time for bed.

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