Friday, May 27, 2005

Thoughts on a Friday

I realize that after a crazy two weeks of nonstop stuff I am in complete tired-and-random-rambling mode, and that my brain is completely full. But here are a few of my thoughts...

1. Why in the world have I been having all of these bizarre dreams lately? One of them last night involved being on the roof of a taxi and someone shooting at me.
2. Only two paychecks left. Both a great thing and a not so good thing. But I think more good than not in the long run.
3. Even though there isn't a plan in motion for the weekend, I am thrilled to have an extra day off. I truly wish I did have something in the works for Memorial Day weekend, but maybe I just need to sleep.
4. On this day in 1837, Wild Bill Hickok was born.
5. Got the Jeep magazine this week and now want to drive down to the Pine Barrens and go off-roading. It was one of 5 northeastern locations mentioned.
6. Also wish I could go to Camp Jeep in August... but probably would be my usual overachiever self and insist I could do something which would end up trashing my baby.
7. Sometimes, it annoys me to be me. I'm too blasted responsible to use up all of my sick days and not have to come in for the rest of the year.
8. Actually, I think this question about myself a lot. Don't you hate it that there are some parts of the foundation of who you really are which you can't change... and probably wouldn't want to, really, even if you want to this moment, in rebellion?
9. Got some herbs (to plant) today. Almost bought a "porch tomato" plant... maybe I will go back and get one this weekend. What is it that makes me want to dig in the dirt every spring and make things grow? Some organic impulse? (no pun intended!)

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