Saturday, May 14, 2005

here, bunny bunny bunny....

Your'e right, this is not my first bunny story. (see my post from June 3rd of last year for specifics).

Well, this bunny story starts with waking up to the sound of my father's voice outside, calling to my mother that there is a baby bunny on the grass. I go down shortly thereafter and mom shows me where the baby is... alone and out in the open! I go outside to look and see if it is still alive, and it was. It was so tiny and cute and fuzzy and still - I just wanted to scoop it up and bring it into the house! Mom and I were very distressed... we thought it was abandoned, or hurt! But thankfully the Mom came back once we went back inside and continually stared at us as we looked out at her with her baby.

We were still afraid that the baby was sick or hurt. Can bunnies that small hop? Or do their Moms carry them? Should they be outside like that? Finally, we called the SPCA people, who referred us to call our police station to get in contact with Animal Control. The policeman who spoke with Mom said that it was all right and that as long as it wasn't out there all day it should be fine.

A while later, I went out (very very slowly) to see the bunies. The Mom got a little scared and hopped sideways, at which point I saw that the baby was gone. We left it some lettuce and it stayed in the area all day. We just hope that the baby is now safe at home, and the Mom was just out for a snack.

...I just can't deal with another bunny death! This baby has to live!

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