Thursday, May 19, 2005

two unrelated things from a jumbled brain

Ug. Emotional hangover. 2 1/2 hour concert last night with about 200 performing kids and a standing-room-only audience. It was a great concert, though - don't get me wrong! I am tremendously proud of them, and got a little teary at the prospect that this was it, the last concert with these kids. And my wonderful and sweet accompanist got me flowers and had the kids present them to me. It's just heartbreaking to hear kids say "I'm definately doing choir next year!"... and I won't be there to see it! (Well, 4 spring concerts down, 2 to go.)

Now to go in a completely different direction... (watch out for the whiplash!) I love the fact that Loew's Theatres are doing this program where they are bringing back movies to the big screen - Fan Favorites. (Only available at 4 theatres, tho??) The shows are free - all you have to do is reserve a ticket. Each month has a theme, with May being "Disaster Flicks". I will definately have to try to take advantage of this concept this summer. It sounds like tremendous fun for a moviegirl like me, someone who loves the concept of the big screen and the dark and the popcorn smell... :)

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