Friday, February 18, 2005


Yes, bizarrely enough, my parents have watched several more episodes of Strange Love. I came home last night from rehearsal and found them staring puzzledly at the television - and there, on the screen was the world's most unlikely couple. I think the catalyst for watching comes from the fact that it is so preposterous, so over-the-top. (And I must say I find it amusing that M&D have seen it several times!) Personally, I'm a fan of Flav's Viking hat... and it gives him a little height, next to Brigitte.

Anyway... TGIF, especially since next week I will only be at work one day! Woo hoo! :) Between a conference and the President's Day Holiday, Wednesday will be my only at-school day! (Few people have an idea of how happy that makes me!)


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