Sunday, February 20, 2005

Glamour shots, Gimp keychains and Napoleon

Greetings from Massachusetts! :) Here I am at la casa de Wood, enjoying a change of scene from the insanity of work and the bleakness of Snobville. Last night was a Napoleon Dynamite party - a postcard came to me in the mail a few weeks ago, inviting me to the shindig - since I hadn't seen the movie, I was unfamiliar with the references until last night. There were tater tots (both regular and in a casserole!), deviled eggs, a "Pedro hearts Summer" cake, and nachos (also candy sushi, but that was just for fun, not tied into the film), we all had our "Glamour Shots by Peter" taken, made gimp keychains , and there was a lot of 80's inspired fashion accessories floating around. It was a really fun evening - aren't you jealous of the fun we had?

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