Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Road Trip!

Last week, during the winter break, I decided to plan a little road trip. So I surprised Matt and we headed out on the highway and drove to Easton, PA... to the Crayola Factory! What a fun place! They teach you how to make crayons (although Mr. Rodgers already taught us that - and he is represented there, too!) and you can learn about the history of the company, and then... the creativity happens. There's coloring and watercolor painting and playing with Model Magic and painting with wax and projects and markers that write on glass and a play area and sidewalk chalk... and who knows what else?! Unfortunately, due to the holiday week there were a ton of people there, but still so much fun!
Upstairs is the National Canal Museum. The cool thing is that the two are included in the one admission price. It is another great place - very interesting to learn all about this form of transportation in an entirely hands-on environment. There were lots of things to do, like learn about pulleys and mules and actually take a little boat through a series of locks. I learned a lot!

I'd initially planned for us to go to the Easton Museum of Pez, (website down, hopefully will be up soon) too... but it seemed awfully small and doesn't have to do with the actual Pez company. So instead we hit up the Crayola and Canal gift shops and eventually headed out.

Being an overachiever, I then mapped out three state parks for us to see and collect stickers from... we started the Passport for Adventure program and figured we'd hit a few out of the way places (which were conveniently on the way!). We only made it to one - Voorhees State Park - since I was not feeling so great and the parks close early on a weeknight in the winter!

We did have enough time to get some dinner, though... at Matt's favorite restaurant. Soul food!

It was really a great day, with a lot of great memories made. Pictures are here!!

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