Sunday, January 07, 2007

New Year's... a little late

I know, I am a slacker in not posting about New Year's until the 7th of the month, but you can deal. :)
We rang in 2007 with friends down at the shore house. There was an enormous turkey dinner in the evening... excellent food and far more than we could all finish, which is saying a lot! Then some laziness with tv and movies until the big moment. We all toasted, and then Matt and I went outside and lit some sparklers and bottle rockets (don't worry, we took safety precautions!), which was a lot of fun! After finishing the movie, we all crashed and slept in.
The next day was really crummy and rainy, so it was spent inside. A rather gloomy start to the year!
Woo-hoo. I was such a party girl, eh? Well, again, Happy 2007, everyone!

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