Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Yes or No?

Things like this are the sunshine on a grumbly day, telling you that your job has its moments of brilliance.

Backstory: If a student misses chorus, I send them a little note. Students and parents know that if the kid is unexcused for three rehearsals they will not remain in chorus. I stress the importance of notes from home. One girl wasn't able to go to chorus yesterday. She came to me and told me, and I reminded her to bring me a note today. She remembered to bring it to me today. I decided to post it here, as it was written, with names changed to protect the innocent. ;)

March 18, 2008 Note For Miss President

Dear Miss President,

I'm sorry that I miss chorus on March 18, 2008 because my cousin wanted to go home, and my mom was outside. And my mom want me to go home too!

I hope you don't take Petunia out of chorus?

yes OR no


Petunia Smith
(Mom's signature below)

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