Thursday, March 27, 2008

ROCK ON, little friend!

The other week, I bought myself a pair of earrings in one of those teeny-bopper accessory stores. They made me laugh and seemed like something I could totally get away with wearing at work.

Today was the first day I wore them, and oh... they were a huge hit! But the best part was when a third grader came up to me and said, "Those are Les Paul guitar earrings!"

Oh, obviously devoted Guitar Hero player, yes they are! Little does he know that my Guitar Hero band's lead singer plays a sunburst. These earrings don't look quite like that one, though - they are pink and sparkly. ;) This new Les Paul Goddess model is pretty cool, I must say. If I ever learn to play the guitar well, then maybe I can someday rock out with something like this!

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