Saturday, March 15, 2008

Court Proceeding

Sorry about the delay. The week has been so busy that there hasn't been time to post!

Court was an interesting experience. There were all sorts of cases that went before us... everything from small claims (fighting over a condo deposit), two DUI cases, someone in handcuffs (didn't see them, though) and lots of other interesting looking people. There was one other gentleman and myself who were there for speeding in the park. The officer was there and we met him out in the hallway once the proceedings had started. He offered a deal - a lesser charge (something about disobeying a speed device, I think?) and only 2 points instead of the 4 that it could have been. I went with plenty of cash so that I could pay the fine (there was no ATM and they don't accept credit or checks) and was fortunate to find the fine to be much much left than I thought it would be! I went before the judge and took the plea and asked for leniency. All in all, it was not so bad. I'm also taking a "safe driving" course in the spring (my own decision, not theirs) and that will remove the two points... which are thankfully too few to change my insurance anyway.

This time, the police officer was much much nicer, too... he actually had helped Matt the day before in the park when he blew a tire on the way to school and the two chatted about cars for a bit. How funny how people can appear so different during different occasions.

I'm just thankful that it went well and it's mostly over... just two evenings of class in May and the whole thing is done. Sigh.

And the funny thing is that a week or so later, my car had some warning lights go on and I had to bring it in... to have my front wheel SPEED SENSORS replaced. So this means that I might not have even known I was speeding as much as I was! Blast! :/

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