Sunday, October 15, 2006

Fall Afternoon

(my third attempt at this post... or is it the fourth?)

Beautiful, crisp fall afternoons are just asking for adventure, in my opinion. This afternoon, we went up to Ringwood Manor. Yes, I know I've been there before (many times!) but it is a lovely spot! We picked up some sandwiches and had an impromptu picnic and then toured the house, which is supposedly quite haunted. (We didn't see any evidence of that today, however!) I was in a artsy mood, so I was glad to have my handy little camera to take a few pictures here and there. Being that I continue to have trouble posting directly to my blog lately (grr!) I am hooking myself up to an online photo album, found here. The pumpkins are actually the only picture not from the Manor, but from a farmstand down the road. I drove us there - in the manual! (too bad I stalled out in the parking lot!)

It really was a lovely day, and I hope to learn how to show my photos better soon - I've been quite the shutterbug of late and want to share! I've been quite busy, and not just with work - I went to the shore twice, and up to my five year reunion (eek!) and other things as well. If anyone is able to give me any tips, please do! :)

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