Sunday, February 04, 2007

Classic Film Afternoon

In the town of West Orange, New Jersey, they have a Classic Film Festival. We went to see Psycho last year (sponsored by Wierd NJ) and it was fantastic - Hitchcock was made for the big screen - it was much scarier when it was big and in the dark!

Today was the only showing of Rear Window, a favorite. Grace Kelly, James Stewart - it's a classic, and so suspenseful. It, too, was amazing on the big screen! It is even more exciting. There was an intro and post-film discussion led by a film professor from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. The added aspect of the intellectual discussion made the afternoon more enjoyable - and there was a gentleman there who owns the Mark Cross overnight case Grace Kelly uses in the movie!

It was a wonderful afternoon. For those of you who live in the area, you should check out the other movies and try to go! Let me know if you do - I might want to tag along! :)

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