Sunday, September 16, 2007

so domestic

Things I've done today:
-wake up
-make breakfast (omlet, toast, coffee)
-read the paper a little
-put in laundry (the first of five loads)
-get dressed
-drive to church
-schmooze after church
-pick apples by Matt's new house
-check out some of the outbuildings on the property
-chat with Matt
-drive home
-continue with laundry (this takes a considerable amount of time)
-make roasted tomato soup from the tomatoes given to me at church
-make chunky applesauce with some of the apples
-check email
-eat some apples
-sign up with Facebook
-procrastinate some more
-eat some Mallomars (oh joy - they have returned!)
-organize lesson plans

(the last one will begin when I finish this post. I have been putting it off. not good. )

... but I have been quite domestic and productive, no?

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