Monday, April 10, 2006

Is it April already?

I can't believe what a blog-slacker I have been this year. I aim to do better.... really. And I will start with this...

... well, not quite what I wanted to do. I wanted to upload a picture from Becky's baby shower (which was last weekend), but I must learn how to do it on this computer - I remember how to on a PC, but now on this Apple laptop I need to learn what's what. (Any suggestions/aids/advice?) For now, this link will have to do. It was a really fun day - great to see Becky looking so cute and pregnant and happy, visit with people I haven't seen in ages, eat really great food, chat and catch up, see a lot of really cute baby stuff, and try to take some pictures. (Peter, I tried. Really I did. I know they aren't great. Do I at least get some points for effort??)

Matt was sweet and took a ride up to Massachusetts with me for the day, spending a beautiful afternoon outside at a local state park with some lunch and a portable DVD player. Later, we went back to that park for a little hike before heading home - the hike should have been 1.5 miles, according to the map. We guess we went at least three miles. Now I know the importance of making sure to watch for the trail blazes!!

I actually called out of work today - on Saturday night, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt amazingly miserable - my back ached, I felt nauseous... it was not a fun scene. I ended up spending most of yesterday in bed, flat on my back, and subsequently called out of work today, which was good. I slept until eleven! I do feel better now - not 100%, but (unfortunately!) well enough to go to work again tomorrow. I was lucky to have a good caretaker this weekend - being that I was up at Matt's house when I was sick, he took good care of me and made me soup, rubbed my head and made sure I was warm and cuddled up in bed. Thank you, Soup!

Other than that, life has been flying by. I can't believe that it's already almost Easter! But more will have to be posted another day - we are trying to schedule and book a trip so that Matt can meet my grandparents at the end of the month. Off to hunt down decent airline fares.......

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