Sunday, June 04, 2006

extreme dieting(?) and hunting

Yes, it could be seen as "extreme dieting", but I believe it is more like absolute miserableness - I ended up either with an awful 24 hour bug or a bout of food poisoning on Friday and have spent this whole weekend rather miserable and quite weary in the aftermath of completely cleansing out my entire digestive tract. Sure, I've possibly dropped a pound or two, and although I am happy about that and would like to drop some more, this is not the way to go about it. It is nothing but awful.

And the hunting... that would be job hunting and it is just leaving me discouraged in so many ways. Jobs that are available are all way too far away. And as much as that can possibly be a good thing, I am also afraid of it. Change is always so frightening to me, yet in a I-want-to-touch-the-pretty-flickering-flame way. But I will try and see what happens, I guess. It's just been so disheartening, especially in light of there being no prospect of a break this summer if I keep my current job, considering my personal days are gone, I have 1.5 sick days left, and my vacation is two consecutive weeks in October. As much as I would love to quit it this moment, I am not stupid and know the blessing of having a job and health insurance in today's market. So the viscous cycle continues.

...but these are just the musings of a sad and worn girl who has been close to her worst this weekend physically. Maybe I'll feel less blue as I feel better. I hope so.

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