Thursday, May 08, 2008

A Blast From My Past... two POTDs!

In my enthusiasm for the upcoming prom, I was looking through old pictures of mine and came across the pictures from the two dances I attended in high school. Let me tell you, it was good for a laugh! The first, with me in the "eggplant" colored dress, is the Holiday Ball my senior year - December 1996. I went with my friend Dante, and we had a fun time.

The second, with me in a "Cinderella blue" dress, was my Senior Prom - June 13, 1997. Friday the 13th. There was a lot of drama of many varieties and pouring rain, but it was still fun and I celebrated my 18th birthday as the prom ended. I attended with my friend Raab, shown here with a cane.... as a prop. But it was funny when we entered the crowded hallway at the hotel - he didn't go to our school, so people didn't know if the cane was real or not. People all cleared out of the way! HA!

I recently bumped into Raab at "free cone night" at Ben & Jerry's, of all places. We haden't seen each other in years! Small world, no?

Enjoy a laugh at my expense. I did!
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