Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Miss President and the Presidental Election

Did you go out and vote today? As a President myself, I certainly hope so!

From Misc Fall 2008
My Dad found this quarter on his way to the polls today. I love his little comment!!
From his lips to God's ears, I say - even if it's a quarter at a time! :)

From Misc Fall 2008
Always interesting to go back and vote at my old elementary school. Good times!

From Misc Fall 2008
Props to Starbucks for giving out free coffee today if you voted. Awesome!

From Misc Fall 2008
Gotta love the free coffee! Wooo!

Too bad the line for the free scoop at Ben & Jerry's was so long.
I had to go to rehearsal so I didn't have time to wait. Oh well! :(

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