Sunday, November 02, 2008

New Shoes for Sheep

As I type this, I am waiting for my dear 'ol Sheep-in-a-Jeep to get some new shoes.

Yesterday, Matt took off my front drivers-side tire in order to take a look at/replace my front brakes. It ends up that they are still in good condition, which is good news (and I have the actual brakes for when that changes) but in the process, he noticed that my tire was in dire need of replacement. VERY dire need. It appears that the evil car dealership probably never rotated my tires in the midst of the thousands of dollars they over-charged me for servicing. (Note: I no longer patronize them, nor do my parents. Or a lot of other people. Don't go there. I go here instead.) The last time I went for servicing, I was warned that new tires were necessary before winter, so it wasn't a huge shock... but the immediacy adds a bit to the stress of the situation. I need new tires... yesterday. All four. A BIG expense. Ugh.

So last night we whipped out the computers and phone and started pricing out tires. The place I went with seems good - with the rebate, I will get one tire free and also a small amount off from the tire company... which is an enormous blessing since the initial bill is almost $700!!!!! AHHHH!

Well, four new shoes for the Jeep or a new pair for me at the same cost.... hmmmm.
I think I'll get more wear out of the tires, unfortunately. Blast responsibility!! ;)

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