Sunday, February 22, 2009

Matt's class pet

Meet Horacio. He's a bearded dragon that Matt has "adopted" as his classroom pet. To be honest, I didn't think I'd like him very much, but as a girl in one of Matt's classes mentioned, "He's cuddly!" He likes warm things and will snuggle into your hand when you hold him, and is very alert. I just hope he doesn't get big and ugly like the bearded dragon I saw at the Travel Show a few weeks ago (oh - need to post about that sometime... tres fun!) He is only 21 cm right now but will probably grow to be about 24 inches or so when he's full grown. Yikes! But at least he seems friendly and very laid back... good things for a classroom pet! :)

Why is he named Horacio? Well, two reasons... Matt chose this because of both Hamlet and CSI: Miami. Horacio in CSI was named after Horacio in Hamlet, who was the first CSI! (See if you can't figure it out!) Since Matt teaches Forensic Science, he thought it was a good choice. Let's just hope that Horacio doesn't turn out to be a girl!! :) (It's to hard to tell just yet!)
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