Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bring your straight jackets...

... 'cause we're gettin' married at the LOONEY BIN!

S E R I O U S L Y.
(you just can't make stuff like that up!!!)

So yeah. Our reception place? Very nice. People are great. Food was fantastic. The view? Beautiful. The buildings on the way in were very interesting, and in varying states of disrepair, which was intriguing for a curious and adventurous couple.

The sign at the exit lists a place called "Letchworth Village." I have now come to know that this is also referred to as "Letchworth Village for the Feeble-minded and Epileptics." So before we go further, I know that feeble-minds and epilepsy do not "looney" people make. But you get the gist.
It has not been active for over 10 years, and the pictures on the sites at the bottom are pretty amazing.

I'm itching to go with my camera... I got a teatnus shot less than a year ago...

Take a look:
Still Mirrors: Photography by Stephen Miller
Opacity: Letchworth Village
Hudson Valley Ruins: Photography by Rob Yasinac
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