Monday, March 23, 2009

Sailing away, four months from today...

(Oh, how cute! That rhymes!)

Yeah, so that means the HONEYMOON IS BOOKED!!! WOOOOO!
We're doing the cruise thing. Easy-peasy, fun-in-the-sun relax-fest. I know we'll both be fried, so it will be good to do as much or as little as we want, and I couldn't be happier.

So yeah, this means that the wedding is less than four months away. YIKES!
I'm excited, of course, but there is still so much to do.
Here's a list... if you see anything I need to add, please comment and let me know!

Church: check.
Officiant: check, I think. We need to re-confirm after our first choice wasn't able to do it. :(
Reception venue: check.
Sushi: check. :)

Florist: check. Soon will meet to see pretty samples!
Photographer: check.
Engagement photos w/Photog: Not yet. But soon. :)

Dress: check. Just need to have it bustled. All else is perfect!!
Shoes: check... maybe. Still looking, but have something in the running.
Veil: check, although I might be looking for a new tiara.
Hair: getting a haircut on Wednesday. Will talk to her then. (Cross fingers she or someone she works with is available!!)

Bridesmaids: check. :) Three awesome friends.
Bridesmaids "dress code": check. They have options, which what I wanted to do. I hate uncomfortable bridesmaids... been there, done that.
Mom's dress: Possible check. We have at least one option.

Transportation: NEED TO GET. I assigned it, but don't know if it is being dealt with. Grr.
Church music: NEED TO GET. Anyone know a good classical guitarist for cheap?
Reception Music: Possible check. Not sure.
Invites: picked out. Need to sit down and order.
Hotel room block: NEED TO RESERVE. Gotta get up there with mom ASAP.
Registry: One done (BB&B), one to go (Macy's).
Groom's Gift: NEED TO GET. Have an idea, though.
Bridesmaids gifts: NEED TO GET.

I'm sure I'm missing some big things here. Let me know what they are!!

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