Saturday, January 17, 2004

good thing it's not real....

One of the links on this site is the Hollywood Stock Exchange. It's a game - no actual money changes hands. When you sign up, you get $2mil H-dollars. You buy stock for the actors you like - Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks, etc. (there are moviebonds, too, but I don't do that). If you lose it all, they'll give you more. So I started sometime in college and did ok, but lost some. I bought people I liked and when finally some of them made me lose tremendously (like George Clooney!), I sold. But I don't do it that often, so it's not a big deal to me.
A long time ago, while reading about the making of Star Wars Episode 2 (which I never saw), they talked about Hayden Christenson (sp). I happened to go to hsx a short while after that and bought 20,000 shares of his stock, (normally I buy 2000, but it was a deal - $5.67 a share.) knowing the movie would be popular. Then, I forgot about the website for months - maybe a year. I checked in again and couldn't believe my eyes. The stock skyrocketed. Overjoyed, I bought little bits of other people I liked, at all various prices.
Just checked my stocks today. I had a down day - net worth down $18,467. But, net worth total: $4,221,372.85, with over $3.6mil invested. And that cheapie Hayden? Now worth $87.05/share... an increase of 1,434%. (on the flip side, Julia's lost me 61% since I bought.... v.bad, but how can you sell her?) Good thing I don't take real $$ risks like this!!!!

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