Wednesday, May 19, 2004

A Few Thoughts...

1. I know it is the point, but I hate the fact that shows leave you in a lurch when they end their "season finales". ER has left me wondering who (if anyone) is dead after the tunnel car chase. And is Neela going to somehow end up back at County? And Gilmore Girls - How happy am I with the Luke thing, but disgusted with the Dean thing?

2. I need to find a summer job. But I am so tired of retail and the million night closings you have to do as the lower-than-low-girl on the totem pole. Any suggestions as to a summer job? Maybe I'll try to see if I can follow Smacky's footsteps and find a bank. Bank hours are good.

3. Date #3 (4 if you're like mom and count coffee) is Saturday... to go horseback riding. Supposedly he knows how... interesting. Puts a lot of thought into things, I must say. Now if I could just figure out what to do/how to approach/recognize the fact that his birthday is this coming Monday... very stressful thoughts for the relationship challenged.

4. A little German phrase for you: ich bin eine handpuppe (I am a hand-puppet) :)

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