Sunday, May 30, 2004

Happy Memorial Day!

Another busy weekend! Yesterday was quite an adventurous day... 7am (yawn!) start to drive down to Six Flags to hit all the coasters we could handle, then a little side trip to dinner at a place on the beach (the beach!!) :) before heading back home. A very long day, but a very good one that left me a tired girl with sand in my sneakers, but with a smile on my slightly sunburned face.

Then today the operetta company sang the National Anthem at the Jackal's game. What an amazing experience, and I even had the honor and surprise of conducting!

Tomorrow will be a girly catch-up day with Alisachka (in lieu of a barbeque or mad sale shopping)... and then by the time night rolls around I will be able to say that this will be the best Memorial Day weekend in memory!

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