Sunday, May 23, 2004

giddeyup, horsie!

Busy weekend. On Saturday, Matt and I went horseback riding! Fun stuff to go trail riding, even if your horse (Bandit) only wants to eat and not listen to you until he realizes that you might actually know what you're doing. But fun nonetheless. Although I am a little sore! :o
After riding, we picnic-ed at one of my favorite places - a State Park, which is actually near where he lives. And I learned the rudimentary concepts of how to drive a manual car. Luckily I wasn't too bad a student and had a patient teacher. I didn't make the grinding noise once! :) And I hear that it is quite a step for a guy to let you drive his car... especially when it's a fancy, shiny red one!

Today was a G&S performance at the Loew's theatre in Jersey City. The theatre is very interesting - all guilding and scrollwork and drapery - built in the 20's. It is being restored, but taking a long time, due to the way city governments work. But still a great place to sing and perform. And we had a fairly decent sized crowd, too, which is always good!

And now I am tired and didn't get done what I needed to for work... so I'll have to bust my butt tomorrow morning. O well. You can't be all-work and no play all of the time! Sometimes you need to ditch the work and just PLAY! :)

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