Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Strange Bits of News...

Strange things are always happening... but these two just have bizarreness written all over them.

1. This one is more than a little strange. A woman named Alberta Martin died on Monday at age 97. But that's not the weird part. She married a Confederate Veteran in 1927 when she was 21... and he was 81. And then they had a child. And he died 4 years later. Then she married his grandson. (it all reads like a soap opera!)Read about it here.

2. What about this one? There's a woman that just gave birth to her 15th child. Fifteenth. Does she want a family or a team? Michelle Duggar of Arkansas is 37 years old and now has 15 children... 13 births, since there are 2 sets of twins. And they say she might want more?!?! Is she crazy? I think children are a good idea, but not fifteen! Uy! (and Ouch!) Don't believe me?

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