Thursday, June 03, 2004


As I was pulling into my spot today as I came home from work, I noticed a big bird sitting on the grass right next to my car. A BIG bird... not a sparrow or songbird, but a big one - maybe a hawk or a falcon?? Since we don't get too many of those here in surburbia, I was intrigued. It was brave - did not flinch as I shut the windows of my car, turned it off, and opened the car door. When I started to get out of the car, it moved... and I saw the sadness. A very dead bunny in its claws. I think it is our bunny, the little friend who lives in the brush by the cars and nibbles on the grass. So then I got mad at the bird and said something articulate like...
"You stupid bird! You killed my bunny!" it dragged its lunch away. I think my neighbor heard me.

Dear Bunny, you will be missed. How sad. Stupid bird.

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