Sunday, June 13, 2004

Unintentional Driving Adventure

This morning I went to the wedding of two people who met while doing a show with the G&S company I'm a part of... They met there, started seeing each other, and he supposedly proposed in the middle of a rehearsal. It was a very nice wedding, and in a beautiful location - directly across from the NYC skyline.

...But that's not the adventurous part. Driving home was. I missed the turn to get me back on the road I'd taken there and ended up on a scenic tour of towns along the Hudson... Starting in Weehawken (home of the Arron Burr-Alexander Hamilton duel that I wrote about in 7th grade), then in West New York (NJ), Guttenberg, North Bergen, Fairfield (?), North Bergen again, and who knows where else... nerve-wracking? Yes. Confusing? Sure. Typical for me to be lost like that? Absolutely. But at least my inner compass told me that if I kept Manhattan on my right I would be going the right way. That worked, actually, and eventually I met up with the road I wanted, just much further along it than I had anticipated. sigh. At least I made it home again. :)

Note to M.L. - If you're reading this, then I guess you found me out. Well, we all have our secrets..... :)

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