Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Do I really have to make my bed?

Hello, all... I have officially returned home again from my trip to Bermuda. We were on the Norwegian Crown, one of the smaller ships in the NCL fleet. Here's a brief recap of the trip...

SUNDAY: We sailed out of NYC on an ideallically beautiful day.
MONDAY: At sea. It was a little rocky out there in the Atlantic, and a lot of people got sick... but not us! :) Enjoyed sitting on a deck chair and reading... and getting very salty from the spray! (along with burning my shins... ouch!)
MONDAY: St. George's, the beautiful historic town which used to be the capital of Bermuda. We wandered a bit and took the ferry over to King's Wharf/Dockyard, which is about an hour by ferry due to the fact that it is the other tip of the island. There's not a great deal to do out there if you've seen it before, so we just made the return trip. That evening, we wandered back into town to see the street festival that was going on, but it was not tremendously exciting.
TUESDAY: Hamilton, the capital of Bermuda, and the closest thing to a "city" that they have. Most of the commerce is here, and we wandered the shops a bit and had lunch at Harley's at the Hamilton Fairmont Princess (aka the "Pink Princess"), which is a gorgeous hotel. Very posh and refined!
...Unfortunately, we were struck with a change of plans at this point of the trip. Initially, we were to stay in Hamilton on Wednesday and then dock at King's Wharf on Thursday and Friday morning, but Hurricane Nate was threatening Bermuda and so the country kicked all ships out of their ports as a safety measure... so we left Hamilton at 6pm that night and endured a rather rocky overnight.
THURSDAY: At sea. After the rockiness ended in the late morning, we had an amazingly calm sea and clear sky. I spent much time out on deck in the hot sun, something I never do. But it was nice for a change. :)
FRIDAY: At sea. Another beautiful day, a little cooler than the first. Again, was spent quite leisurely, reading on deck, staring at the sea, eating too much...
SATURDAY: Also at sea. Went to a crafty session in which the lady sung all of the instructions (strange, but bizarrely amusing!) and also enjoyed high tea in the midst of some sunning and other things.
SUNDAY: Docked in NYC again at 7 and was off the ship a little after 9. We had a rather handsome chauffeur show up in my sheep-in-a-jeep and then I ran away with him for the rest of the day! ;)

So, that was my adventure. I was sad that we had to leave early, but being that I've seen the country before it wasn't as bad for me as some. I was disappointed that I didn't get to take my sea-kayak excursion on Friday morning, or wiggle my toes in the pink sand, but I suppose that there is always next time. :)

... so now I have to go back to making my own bed and not just showing up for meals and cleaning and the mundane chores of life. But in all, it was good to be away, and is good to be home again!

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